Introducing… Hollyoaks Later 2012

It’s no secret that 2012 is my favourite year of Hollyoaks. I hold it in such high regard that it is the threshold I compare every other year against. Everything was heading in the right direction — not 100% perfect, but well on its way. The stories felt character-driven, engaging and exciting (but not OTT) and didn’t patronise the viewer. The writing felt mature and clever, without too much exposition. The characters were strong, well-developed and relatable. There was an abundance of character-comedy and hilarious moments. The overall good-to-bad acting level ratio was the strongest the show has ever seen. Hollyoaks had incredible showrunners that seemed to listen to the viewers’ feedback, negate our concerns and implement changes. I obviously can’t speak for everyone, but it felt like a brilliant time to be a Hollyoaks fan. To complement this exciting era, we were treated to a fantastic late-night spin-off, which allowed specific stories to push the boat out. I’ve always believed that the 2012 series of Hollyoaks Later was Hollyoaks‘ way of saying to the world, “this is what we’re truly capable of”.