About Me

What is there to tell? I don’t have a massively interesting backstory or funny anecdotes to share. I’m an honest guy. I try to be kind and compassionate at all times, but that may slip if I’m defending something I feel strongly about. I’m hoping a blog will be a good platform to start unravelling some of my frustrations on certain topics.

I met my partner – Craig – through mutual friends in 2005, and we’ve been together ever since. We’ve both had our fair share of trauma in our lives, with many barricades on our journey… but we are each other’s constant.

Neurodiversity has dominated my life. Looking back, I think it became apparent when I was very young – although nothing was acknowledged by a professional until I was in my second year of high school. I’ve only had a couple of short periods in my life where I have been mentally well enough to make progress, but it’s never long before I relapse again and everything falls apart. I’ve had so many different diagnoses, been on multiple medication concoctions and seen more professionals than I can count, but I’m still broken. I’m nowhere near where society expects me to be at my age,  and I really struggle to cope with the burden of this – but maybe one day things will click into place.

I’ve collected a few smaller, fun facts about me here.

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