Hollyoaks Clips

A selection of clips from Hollyoaks. I’m working on content warnings, but for now please be mindful of your own triggers using the video titles.


► Welcome to Hollyoaks

Episode #0001 (23rd October 1995)
Meet the young residents of Hollyoaks.


► Carmel Rolls Up to Her Wedding to Calvin

Episode #2386 & #2387 (15th September 2008 & 16th September 2008)
The day Carmel has dreamt about is finally here – her wedding to her Prince Charming, Calvin. The day gets off to a bad start when her fake tan takes a little too well, and when Calvin turns up to speak to her, he explains how Val and Danny have left and everything is going wrong. He tries to tell Carmel about the dodgy dealings he’s been dragged into, but she convinces him that this is a new beginning for them. As Carmel realises her wedding dress is too tight and she can’t actually move in it, Michaela comes up with a creative solution. At the church, the family are panicking that Calvin hasn’t turned up – he’s been dragged into more gangster drama – but thankfully he makes it in the end.

► Mercedes Discovers Malachy Is HIV+

Episode #2396 & #2397 (29th September 2008 & 30th September 2008)

CW // Sexual Violence

Malachy has recently discovered he is HIV+, but is still sleeping with Mercedes without giving her this information. When Malachy’s brother Kris drops a hint to Mercedes, she unleashes her rage at a deserving Malachy.

► Niall Gets Revenge on His Family

Episode #2409 (16th October 2008)

CW // Violence, Murder

At Christmas in 1980, a 14-year-old Myra McQueen gave birth to a baby boy, Matthew, and was encouraged by her mother to give the baby up, so Myra left him on a church doorstep, knowing that he would be looked after. When a mysterious man called Niall rocks up in Hollyoaks, he befriends the McQueen family and discovers that just a year after he was abandoned, Myra had another child whom she raised. Little known to the family, Niall is Matthew, and he holds them all responsible for how his life turned out. After a slow-burn revenge plan, he’s ready to get revenge in the most extreme way possible. He kidnaps his siblings one by one, holds them hostage inside the church where he was abandoned and forces Myra to answer questions about his life. For every correct question, she gets to choose one of her children to save from the explosives Niall has rigged the church with.

► Mercedes Breaks Down After Sleeping with a Stranger

Hollyoaks Later 2008 Episode #01 (24th November 2008)

CW // Sex

Malachy and Mercedes are on the rocks, and Mercedes doesn’t know how to deal with what she’s feeling. She tries to make herself feel better with a stranger in The Dog, but this only makes her feel worse.

► Cheryl Performs Her Dance Routine

Hollyoaks Later 2008 Episode #03 (26th November 2008)
Confident Cheryl attempts to impress Malachy by performing a special B*Witched dance routine to a less-than-enthused audience. C’est la vie!

► Niall’s Suicide

Hollyoaks Later 2008 Episode #04 (27th November 2008)

CW // Blood, Death, Violence, Suicide

Niall had nobody left other than Steph. Or so he thought. Steph didn’t feel the same way – she was terrified of him. When he finally realised this brutal truth, he felt he had no option but to end his own life.


► Carmel Finds Jesus… in a Potato

Episode #2535 (10th April 2009)
Carmel’s been going through a religious crisis lately, and feels like she needs to do something to bring her family together at Easter. As she’s currently living with the Roy family, Bel offers Carmel the use of her kitchen to cook the McQueen family a meal. As unconfident cook Carmel braves preparing the potatoes, she is elated to discover Jesus’ face in one of them, which restores her faith.

► Clare Sets The Loft on Fire

Episode #2570 (29th May 2009)

CW // Blood, Violence, Death

Clare’s back, and she wants Warren to suffer. She ties him up in The Loft and sets the place on fire.

► Michaela, Theresa and the Model Agency Receptionist

Hollyoaks Later 2009 Episode #01 (28th September 2009)
Michaela and Theresa have travelled to London for Theresa to meet a modelling agent. Upon arrival at the agency, they’re faced with a receptionist with a weakness for chocolate.

► Meet Savannah Madeiros

Hollyoaks Later 2009 Episode #01 (28th September 2009)
Cindy’s due to get married to Tony, who has decided he wants a prenuptial agreement. Tony’s close friend Jacqui suspects Cindy’s financial motives and a brawl erupts at Jubilee Gardens. Cindy is rescued by her old mate from Spain, Savannah Madeiros, whom she isn’t particularly pleased to see.

► Jacqui Trashes the Photographer’s Flat

Hollyoaks Later 2009 Episode #03 & Hollyoaks Later 2009 #04 (30th September 2009 & 1st October 2009)

CW // Strobe Lighting, Profanity

WARNING: STROBE LIGHTING. Jacqui has been asked out on a date by Theresa’s modelling photographer, Wayne. They have a drink in his flat, and Wayne seduces Jacqui which leads to more drinks, until suddenly Jacqui finds herself posing for an intimate drunken photoshoot. She wakes up the next morning in Wayne’s bed and feels ashamed of the things she got up to. Jacqui makes it clear that she doesn’t want those photographs of her in a vulnerable state to ever see the light of day, but Wayne doesn’t care. Jacqui waits until Wayne leaves his flat and trashes the place as revenge.

► Sarah’s Parachute Fails to Open

Hollyoaks Later 2009 Episode #04 (1st October 2009)

CW // Suicide, Death, Violence, Plummeting

Deranged and mentally unwell Lydia was jealous that her girlfriend, Sarah, seemed closer to her best friend Zoe than to her. On their adventure holiday, she’s about to tamper with her own parachute to ensure her suicide, but at the last minute decides to sabotage Zoe’s instead. Little did she know that staff negligence would lead to them playing Parachute Russian Roulette, with Sarah being the unlucky recipient of the damaged parachute.

► Carmel’s Prayers Are Answered

Hollyoaks Later 2009 Episode #05 (2nd October 2009)
Carmel’s holding out for a hero when she ends up in jail.

► Newt and Rae Plot to End Their Troubles

Episode #2665 (9th October 2009)

CW // Suicide

Newt has relapsed with his schizophrenia and is hallucinating Eli again. New friend Rae seems like a good influence, but it turns out she’s also a hallucination.


► Josh Causes a Car Accident

Episode #2758 (17th February 2010)
Josh, Sasha, Dave and India are out for a drive, not knowing that Rhys had innocently been spiking Josh’s drink with alcohol.

► The McQueens Attend the Wrong Funeral

Episode #2878 (4th August 2010)

CW // Death

Bart’s stepmother Joan has passed away and the McQueens are attending her funeral. Myra even gives a speech for Joan, before realising that they’re at the wrong funeral.

► Jacqui and Rhys Discover They’ve Been Online Dating

Episode #2901 (6th September 2010)
Both Jacqui and Rhys, rivals at work and in life, have been experimenting with online dating for a couple of weeks. Both of them have been chatting to people who seem like the perfect match. When it’s finally time for them to meet in person, they are mortified to discover they’ve been falling for each other.

► Cindy and Alistair’s Wedding

Episode #2915 (24th September 2010)
Billionaire Alistair has fallen for Cindy and wants her to become his next wife, as he thinks she’s responsible for saving his life. Cindy knows that it was Myra who saved his life, not her, so they come to an arrangement that the McQueens would plan the “Cinistair” wedding and be paid as a result. The wedding day has arrived, and it’s not quite as magical as Cindy was hoping for…

► Brendan Rages at Carmel

Episode #2917 (28th September 2010)
Brendan has been using Carmel as a drugs mule to raise money for his son’s operation. He planted some of the drugs in her bag, but an accident at Evissa caused her bag to set on fire. A frustrated and angry Brendan unleashes his rage at Carmel.

► Brendan and Ste Bond After a Night Out

Episode #2933 (20th October 2010)
Brendan is Ste’s new boss at Chez Chez, and it’s safe to say they haven’t exactly got on up to this point. Ste is elated when he’s able to hang out with Brendan like good mates, but the mixed messages begin when Brendan manipulates a situation in order to get closer to Ste.

► Brendan Kisses Ste in the Cellar

Episode #2934 (21st October 2010)
Following the shock kiss with Brendan, Ste’s had time to come to terms with it all but still isn’t sure whether he’s excited or terrified by Brendan.

► Brendan Attacks Ste in the Cellar

Episode #2935 (22nd October 2010)
Ste is becoming more confident about whatever is happening between him and Brendan, so attempts to initiate a romantic session himself – getting quite a shock in return, and feeling more confused than ever before.

► Mercedes Lies About Being HIV+

Hollyoaks Later 2010 Episode #01 (25th October 2010)

CW // Blood

As Mercedes feels she’s losing husband Malachy to Lynsey, she decides to hint to Lynsey – and then not correct her when she assumes she has contracted HIV – in a plan that will guilt trip Malachy into staying with her.

► Mitzeee Saves Nancy from Being Gang Raped

Hollyoaks Later 2010 Episode #03 & Hollyoaks Later 2010 #04 (27th October 2010 & 28th October 2010)

CW // Sexual Violence, Rape, Profanity

At a footballer’s party, a drunk Nancy ignores the warnings she’s given and goes to bed with Dean who has a string of rape charges following him. As they’re about to have sex, Dean invites his friends into the room to join them. Luckily, Mitzeee and Chanterelle are on hand to help get her out of the situation.

► The Origins of Mitzeee

Hollyoaks Later 2010 Episode #05 (29th October 2010)
It’s safe to say that Nancy has made a judgment about glamour model Mitzeee’s lifestyle. When Mitzeee has had enough of it, she attempts to explain her difficult upbringing which led her to create the Mitzeee persona in the first place, in an attempt to open Nancy’s mind.

► Nathan Falls from Scaffolding

Hollyoaks Later 2010 Episode #05 (29th October 2010)

CW // Impalement, Death

The McAllister brothers had been making life hell for the Costello boys for years. While chasing them, Nathan was involved in a scaffolding accident, falling from a great height and being impaled.

► Brendan and Amy Chat Over a Cup of Tea

Episode #2942 (2nd November 2010)
Amy’s discovered the identity of Ste’s male lover, and is surprised to find that it’s Brendan. When Brendan comes round to ensure Amy keeps quiet, they get to know each other over a cup of tea. Later on, Brendan feels threatened and attacks Ste again.

► The Il Gnosh Fire: Malachy and Mercedes Are Injured

Episode #2946 (8th November 2010)
Just as Malachy and Mercedes decide to start a family, they are caught up in an explosion at Il Gnosh.

► The Il Gnosh Fire: Finn and Amber Escape

Episode #2947 & #2948 (9th November 2010 & 10th November 2010)
Finn and Amber have recently discovered they are pregnant and are discussing this in the flat above Il Gnosh whilst a fire is currently raging beneath them. When they realise they are trapped in Amber’s roof space bedroom, their only exit route is a skylight window.

► The Il Gnosh Fire: Steph Takes Control of Her Destiny

Episode #2948 (10th November 2010)
Steph is terminally ill and feels like she’s achieved nothing in her life. When her and husband Gilly stumble upon Il Gnosh and the flat above on fire, she realises that she has an opportunity to shape her legacy by leading the rescue.

► How Warren Faked His Death

Episode #2963 (1st December 2010)
In May 2009, Warren “died” in a fire at The Loft. In late 2010 he returns to the village, having faked his death. On that fateful day in 2009, Warren had recently befriended a homeless and struggling young war veteran, who ended up playing a key part in his “death”.

► Seth’s Driving Lesson

Episode #2974 (16th December 2010)
When Riley offers to take Seth out for his first driving lesson in his car but needs to quickly use the toilet, Seth starts digging a hole for himself when an attractive lady thinks he is Riley and he doesn’t correct her. Before he knows it he’s caught in a web of lies and forced to make some rash decisions when a car is stolen with a baby inside right next to them.

► Brendan and Ste Go on a Date

Episode #2975 (17th December 2010)
Ste encourages Brendan to come out for a drink with him to a gay bar. Brendan tries, for Ste’s sake, but can not deal with the discomfort this causes him so he runs away.

► Darren and Nancy’s First “Date”

Episode #2976 & #2977 (20th December 2010 & 21st December 2010)
Darren and Nancy are supposed to be competing against each other in a dating game with Duncan, Texas and India, however, both of them end up at the SU Bar dateless. They end up accidentally having a date together.

► India Goes to Meet “Cameron”

Episode #2979 (23rd December 2010)
India has gone to meet “Cameron”, her date from online. However, on her journey she stumbles upon an older gentleman whose car has broken down.

► Brendan Kills Danny Houston to Protect Ste

Episode #2982 (28th December 2010)
When Danny implies that he killed Brendan’s past love interest, Brendan sees red and takes the threat to Ste’s life extremely seriously, ending Danny’s life in a fit of rage.

► Warren and Brendan Dispose of Danny’s Body

Episode #2983 (29th December 2010)
Warren reluctantly assists Brendan in disposing of Danny’s body.


► Diane Drops Huge Bombshells on Sinead

Episode #2990 & #2991 (7th January 2011 & 10th January 2011)
When Diane finds out that 12-year-old Amber had accused her husband of being the father of her baby, she reveals to Sinead that it’s not the first time he has had this kind of interaction with a minor, as she was 15 herself when they first hooked up. Sinead is understandably furious, until Diane drops another bombshell – that her biological mother isn’t dead, and recently came back into their lives.

► Heidi Pushes Jason Closer to the Edge

Episode #2992 (11th January 2011)

CW // Suicide

Following Jason’s coming out as transgender, his mother Heidi is really struggling to process the loss of her daughter and unleashes her fury on Jason, who tries to end his life.

► Mitzeee Tries to Blackmail Brendan

Episode #2995 & #2996 (14th January 2011 & 17th January 2011)
Mitzeee witnesses Ste and Brendan in a passionate embrace, and uses it to blackmail Brendan into providing a venue for her photoshoot.

► Britzeee Is Born

Episode #2997 (18th January 2011)
When the photographer tries to take advantage of Mitzeee’s control over her shoot, Brendan comes to her rescue. Mitzeee comes up with a mutually beneficial agreement for her and Brendan.

► A Big Day for Darren

Episode #3000 (21st January 2011)
Darren and Nancy get engaged just as Suzanne goes in to labour with his twins at the Look Sharpe opening ceremony.

► Mitzeee Rides Bareback

Episode #3000 (21st January 2011)
Mitzeee hears there might be lots of press coverage for a royal visitor at the Guy Candy gig, so decides to try and steal some of their publicity.

► Nancy Calls Off Her Engagement to Darren

Episode #3004 (27th January 2011)
Nancy is really struggling with fiancé Darren fathering twins with Suzanne. She doesn’t feel like their relationship is going to work and so ends their engagement.

► Myra Tries to Resist Temptation

Episode #3006 (31st January 2011)
Myra’s trying desperately hard to stick to her new diet, but Carmel is flaunting her sandwich in her face and making it hard to resist.

► Rae Struggles with Her Pregnancy Choices

Episode #3007 (1st February 2011)

CW // Abortion

Rae has discovered she’s pregnant with Ste’s baby but isn’t sure what she should do. She doesn’t feel ready to be a parent, and she has doubts that Ste will be the partner she would need him to be. Cheryl sits down with Rae to help her decide how to proceed.

► Myra Tries to Impress Heidi with Afternoon Tea

Episode #3007 (1st February 2011)
Mercedes has appointed Myra and Carmel as her wedding planners, and Myra is excited to host an afternoon tea to impress mother-of-the-groom Heidi. Heidi is less than impressed by Myra’s efforts, and even less impressed by their tacky ideas for her son’s wedding.

► Brendan Talks Rae Out of an Abortion

Episode #3008 (2nd February 2011)

CW // Abortion

Brendan opens up to Rae about losing his first-born child and how it impacted life moving forward. He tries his best to convince Rae that keeping the baby is the best choice, promising that he and Ste were a one-off and that he’ll always help out financially.

► Silas Realises He Made a Mistake Killing India

Episode #3009 (3rd February 2011)

CW // Murder;Death

Texas is struggling to cope with saying goodbye to her murdered sister India, so steals her mum’s sleeping pills to escape from reality. Silas spots her and assumes she is drunk, seeing an opportunity to carry on his work in ridding the world of drunken slappers. As Texas passes out, he takes her to a forest at night, but as Texas wakes up she delivers a revelation that leaves Silas reassessing his methods.

► Rae Walks in on Ste and Brendan in the Office

Episode #3009 & #3010 (3rd February 2011 & 4th February 2011)
Just as Ste and Rae plan to move forward with having a baby together, Ste and Brendan still can’t resist each other. At her lingerie event, Mitzeee spots the two lovers heading to the office. With Brendan and Warren having annoyed her earlier in the day, she’s in a vengeful mood and decides it’s time things got blown open. She finds a spare office key on the bar and hands it to Rae, promising that what she will see in the office is for her own good.

► The Lift Falls

Episode #3015 (11th February 2011)
Kyle’s back to get revenge on Theresa for letting him go down for killing Calvin.

► Gilly and Lynsey’s Disastrous Date

Episode #3015 (11th February 2011)
It has only been a few months since Gilly’s wife Steph died and he decides to attempt dating again. Lovely nurse Lynsey seems keen, but their first date is disastrous.

► Dinner with Trish

Episode #3019 (17th February 2011)
Trish challenges Mitzeee on her “relationship” with Brendan and insists that she invites him over for dinner so that she can get to know him better.

► Cheryl Cole Visits Chez Chez

Episode #3040 (18th March 2011)
Heat Magazine is coming to Chez Chez, and Brendan decides to create a bit of a buzz for promotion. When Leah mistakes Mitzeee for Cheryl Cole, it gives Brendan an idea.

► Brendan and Warren’s Brawl

Episode #3044 (24th March 2011)

CW // Violence

Brendan and Warren have always had a difficult friendship – but when Brendan realises Warren has cheated on Cheryl with his ‘fake’ girlfriend Mitzeee, all hell breaks loose all over the village.

► Jacqui and Rhys’ Wedding

Episode #3084 (19th May 2011)
It’s Jacqui and Rhys’ wedding day, but Jacqui’s not sure she can go through with it following her trauma earlier in the year. On the wedding night, she struggles to embrace her new husband as a result of the rape.

► Cheryl and Brendan’s Heart to Heart

Episode #3104 (16th June 2011)
Cheryl’s sick of Brendan keeping secrets from her, so he hires Ste and Noah to make dinner for her. Over dinner, they have a heart to heart over his difficulty accepting his sexuality.

► Sinead’s Jealousy Nearly Gets Her Killed

Episode #3109 (23rd June 2011)
Sinead feels threatened by the arrival of Bart’s ex-girlfriend, Maddie, and deals with her jealousy by drinking too much and going for a swim.

► Carmel Falls at the First Hold-all

Episode #3120 (8th July 2011)
Carmel has been lusting over Father Francis and knows that it’s wrong. When she fails a temptation test, she freaks out and explains to Cindy that she’s fallen at the first hold-all.

► Jack and Frankie Try Out the Water Bed

Episode #3132 (26th July 2011)
Darren and Nancy have recently had to move back in with the Osbornes, and Nancy is struggling to adapt to living in a busy family household. Retreating to their box bedroom to get some work done, Nancy is relaxing on her new water bed but the other family members all seem to want a go.

► Brendan Tells Ste That He Loves Him

Episode #3136 (1st August 2011)

CW // Abuse

As Ste parts ways with boyfriend Noah, Brendan drops the bombshell that he loves him. As Ste tries to process how that fits in with the abuse he receives from Brendan, and Brendan struggles to process how he’s feeling, the two can’t find their addiction to each other and end up ‘reuniting’ on the living room floor – but are interrupted when Brendan’s ex-wife Eileen lets herself in the flat.

► Myra McQueen on Pills

Hollyoaks Later 2011 Episode #02 (6th September 2011)

CW // Drugs

It’s Mercedes’ hen do in Ibiza, and her mum Myra has a headache. Mercedes finds some aspirin in Jenifique’s bag and gives them to Myra – except it turns out they’re actually ecstacy pills.

► Brendan Provokes Silas

Episode #3164 (8th September 2011)
Brendan is on to serial killer Silas, and so breaks into his home to spook him and warn him off Lynsey.

► Rae Faces Brendan’s Wrath for Outing Him to Declan

Episode #3165 (9th September 2011)

CW // Violence

When Rae is responsible for Brendan’s son Declan finding out about his sexuality, Brendan unleashes his wrath on her in the middle of the village – a move he will come to regret as Silas seeks to exploit it.

► Warren Causes a Scene Whilst White Water Rafting

Hollyoaks Later 2011 Episode #05 (9th September 2011)
On Riley’s stag do, Warren wants to know Seth’s secret. The group have tried to trap him so that they can get on with activities, but he escapes and causes a scene during the white water rafting.

► Silas Murders Rae

Hollyoaks Later 2011 Episode #05 (9th September 2011)

CW // Strangulation

Slag slayer Silas had planned for flirty Theresa to be his next victim, but Rae accidentally manages to convince him that she would be the better option.

► Brendan Is Summoned to the Woods

Episode #3167 (13th September 2011)

CW // Murder

Silas is planning to frame Brendan for his latest murder, Rae. With Rae’s body planted in the boot of his car, and witnesses to confirm that Brendan shouted at Rae in the village, the police feel they have enough reason to arrest Brendan.

► Brendan Is Arrested for Rae’s Murder

Episode #3168 (14th September 2011)

CW // Murder

Following Silas’ set-up to have Brendan go down for his crimes, the village reacts to the news.

► Lynsey Attempts to End Silas

Episode #3170 (16th September 2011)

CW // Murder;Violence

After Lynsey survived Silas’ initial murder attempt, they have been locking horns in an ongoing battle ever since. When Lynsey finds herself alone in the woods with Silas, she feels she has an opportunity to try and prevent any more murders – by attacking Silas.

► Silas Makes a Fatal Mistake

Episode #3201 (31st October 2011)

CW // Murder

Silas is playing a sick game with Lynsey, the ‘slut’ who has been a worthy adversary in his mission to free the world of adulterous women. When he provides Lynsey with a specific Halloween costume, he gets the shock of his life when he carries out the murder, only to find a familiar face underneath the mask.

► The Aftermath of Fright Night

Episode #3202 (1st November 2011)

CW // Murder;Kidnap

Silas tries to process killing his own daughter by mistake, as fearful hostage Mercedes listens to his ramblings. Meanwhile, the Costello children are informed of their mother’s murder.

► Silas Is Arrested

Episode #3202 & #3203 (1st November 2011 & 2nd November 2011)

CW // Murder

After months of trying to tell everybody that Silas is the murderer and being ignored, Lynsey finally gets through to Riley who has recently become suspicious. The two search his bedroom at The Dog and discover vital evidence hidden within Silas’ ex-wife’s urn – but the question remains – where is he holding Mercedes?

► Mercedes Is Rescued Just in Time

Episode #3204 & #3205 (3rd November 2011 & 4th November 2011)

CW // Kidnap

Silas requests an interview with Lynsey whilst in custody, and she hopes to be able to find out where he’s holding Mercedes. Time is running out as Mercedes goes into labour alone, scared and tied up.

► Bart and Jason Say Goodbye

A Little Film About Love by Jason Costello (10th November 2011)
Bart and Jason’s complex love story needs closure when they travel to London so that Bart can try and win back Sinead.

► Jacqui Receives Closure from Gilly

Episode #3216 (21st November 2011)

CW // Rape

Gilly was found not guilty of raping Jacqui earlier in the year, but Jacqui has been unable to move forward since this verdict. When Gilly sleeps with his girlfriend Cheryl, something she does triggers a memory of the incident that he has so far denied. He goes to visit Jacqui and Rhys at their home where the alleged rape took place, and all three try to find a way to move forward. When Jacqui takes Gilly into the room where the incident took place, Gilly apologises to her for what he has done.

► Brendan, Mitzeee and Joel Bring Warren Down

Episode #3240 (23rd December 2011)

CW // Strobe Lighting, Murder

WARNING: STROBE LIGHTING. When Warren takes Mitzeee to the spot where he buried Louise’s body 3 years ago, Joel is instrumental in making sure Warren pays for his crime by getting Brendan involved.

► Joy and Despair at Christmas

Episode #3240 (23rd December 2011)

CW // Suicide

Whilst the Osbornes have reason to celebrate as Riley invites them to take over the pub, it feels bittersweet for Riley. Elsewhere, Doug’s loneliness pushes him to make a drastic decision.

► Doug Attempts to Take His Own Life

Episode #3241 (26th December 2011)

CW // Suicide

Christmas-time has reminded Doug of how lonely he is. He’s a long way from home, his flatmates are away, his girlfriend was murdered and he doesn’t feel like he has much left to live for. He jumps off a bridge into the river below, hoping to put an end to the pain.

► Doug Chooses Life

Episode #3241 (26th December 2011)

CW // Suicide

Following Doug’s suicide attempt, he experiences a mysterious vision from an ‘angel’ resembling Frankie’s deceased daughter Steph, who shows him how different the world could have been if he had never been in it. As emergency workers resuscitate Doug, he realises his worth and arranges an impromptu dinner with friends.

► Mercedes Hands Bobby to Riley

Episode #3245 (30th December 2011)
When Mercedes realises that her and Riley aren’t going to get back together, she comes to terms with the fact her heart isn’t really in being a mother to their son Bobby without him. She makes the decision that Bobby deserves a better start in life – with his dad, away from the village.


► The Book Club’s Spa Looting Evening

Episode #3247 (3rd January 2012)
When Cindy’s wealthy husband “fell off an Alp” and died, she inherited a lot of money, which changed her personality. She’s trying to run Cinergy, an up-market spa, in the centre of the village, but it simply isn’t making enough money to pay the bills or the staff, with lovely Carmel working for free to help her out. Simply put, she’s broke, and is trying to ignore the issue in the hopes that it goes away. When Carmel and Myra challenge her, Cindy fires her and goes to drown her sorrows, meeting up with the book club group in The Dog. Cindy talks to Darren about how she can’t bear to go back to being skint having lost all the money. When Jacqui comes to see Myra and Carmel, Myra encourages her to help claim back Carmel’s lost wages in the form of expensive Cinergy stock. Meanwhile, as Nancy desperately tries to push her book club idea at The Dog (with the secret agenda to get gossip on Warren from Mitzeee), the rest of the group clearly isn’t interested in the book. As they leave the pub, they walk past Cinergy and Myra invites them in for a glass of wine reserved for special clients, which turns into a full-on spa night. When Cindy returns due to good and honest Carmel reporting them, she calls the police who turn up and arrest all of the girls – including her.

► The Bad Girls’ Book Club

Episode #3248 (4th January 2012)
Following their arrest at Cinergy, the book club girls get the book thrown at them – they are kept in a holding cell at the police station where they’re left with no choice but to talk things through. Eventually, the topic turns to Warren, as Mitzeee reveals that she stayed with him even after she learned that he was a murderer. As it becomes clear that Cindy is trying to take the attention off herself, Carmel gives her a brutal truth.

► The Book Club Hangover

Episode #3249 & #3250 (5th January 2012 & 6th January 2012)
As the girls meet up for lunch at College Coffee the day following their release. As Cindy turns up, she promises the group that she’ll be back on top by the end of the year, which encourages the girls to set themselves some goals and enjoy their last night before they resolve to turn over a new leaf. Cindy opens up to Tony about her difficulties, who offers her a job and a room to give her a foothold. The following morning, the ladies all wake up in rather mysterious circumstances and try to work out how they reached that point. When the girls remember that they locked Cindy in a van overnight, Cindy reveals that she would actually really like to be part of their “book club” group.

► The Bullet

Episode #3250 (6th January 2012)

CW // Violence

Brendan woke up this morning with a bullet on his bedside table. He recounts his experience to Ash, who has been using him as a case study for her psychology course at university. We learn that the bullet is a metaphor for how Brendan feels bulletproof and invincible through a series of flashbacks involving a one-night stand and a gang of thugs that didn’t like the look of him – one of which carried this same bullet as a memento that implied he was bulletproof. Ash thinks she’s cracked Brendan – that the thugs weren’t threats to Brendan, but the people he loves and cares for are his weakness.

► Deena Kills Phoebe’s Dog

Episode #3296 (12th March 2012)

CW // Murder, Sex Trafficking

George and Phoebe met whilst living on the streets. When seemingly kind Deena offers them both somewhere to stay and a bite to eat, they take her up on the offer. It soon becomes clear that Deena has an ulterior motive, and is trafficking them for sex. As Phoebe’s “visitor” arrives, she kicks off at them and Deena kills Phoebe’s dog Thunder as punishment.

► George and Phoebe Are Saved from the Sex Traffickers

Episode #3297 (13th March 2012)

CW // Sex Trafficking

Deena has drugged Phoebe and George feels more alone than ever. As his “visitor” arrives, Deena encourages George to get himself prepared, offering him a tablet to relax him. As George’s visitor touches him, he freaks out and runs out of the room before the visitor shows him his police ID.

► George Reveals the Truth and Reunites with His Parents

Episode #3299 & #3300 (15th March 2012 & 16th March 2012)

CW // Suicide

George reveals the reasons why he became homeless and reunites with his parents, who believed him to be dead.

► Hash Brownies and a Stalker

Episode #3335 (4th May 2012)

CW // Drugs

At book club, the ladies enjoy some brownies which turn out to be Bart’s special recipe. Meanwhile, Mercedes uses the event as an opportunity to further gaslight Mitzeee.

► Myra and Mercedes Bond

Episode #3356 (4th June 2012)
It’s Myra’s day in court to take the rap for Bart growing weed in the attic. It’s also Michaela’s 21st birthday and the Queen’s 60th Jubilee, for which the family is throwing a party. Deep down, Myra knows she is in trouble, but she’s staying strong for her family and pretending everything’s okay – especially for Mercedes, who needs a bit of encouragement after the year she’s had.

► The McQueens’ Jubilee Preparations

Episode #3356 (4th June 2012)
The McQueens prepare for their Jubilee party.

► Carmel’s Tanning Accident

Episode #3365 (15th June 2012)
Michaela has purchased a knock-off facial tanning kit, which ends up causing an accident when Carmel tries it out.

► Mercedes’ Ramps Up Her Gaslighting

Episode #3372 & #3373 (26th June 2012 & 27th June 2012)
Mercedes has been stalking Mitzeee for many months over their shared interest in Riley. Mitzeee is becoming more and more paranoid, but Mercedes decides to take her gaslighting to the next level by staging a crime to frame Mitzeee for.

► Brendan Hands Mitzeee In

Episode #3373 (27th June 2012)
Mitzeee is a mess – she genuinely doesn’t remember stabbing Mercedes and doesn’t know what to do. She asks Brendan for help and expects him to help her run away – but he hands her over to the police, because he knows it’s the best thing for her right now.

► The Grenade

Episode #3375 (29th June 2012)

CW // Violence

Sampson has kidnapped Joel and tied his hands to a pinless grenade. Brendan and Walker race to save Joel, whilst Sampson uses this time to raid Chez Chez.

► Brendan Discovers Lynsey’s Lifeless Body

Episode #3375 & #3376 (29th June 2012 & 2nd July 2012)
Just as Lynsey is making plans to go on holiday with Cheryl and Carmel, Brendan returns home to discover her lifeless body on the sofa.

► Maddie Is Assaulted

Episode #3388 (18th July 2012)

CW // Sexual Assault, Drugs

Maddie’s parents are getting divorced and she’s struggling to handle it, so has taken her friends away on holiday to Abersoch. When her friends keep causing the sort of dramas that she’s trying to escape from, she storms off to indulge in some self-destructive behaviour. An acquaintance from her past offers her a distraction, which quickly turns bad for her.

► A Delusional Mitzeee Chats to Her Mum in Her Prison Cell

Episode #3429 & #3430 (13th September 2012 & 14th September 2012)
Mitzeee is in prison for allegedly stabbing Mercedes, but remembers that Mercedes smirked when she was sentenced – this surely means she is playing a sick game, but until she can remember what happened she’s stuck in prison. As the distress takes its toll on her, she slowly starts to lose her grip on reality and experiences a delusion of her mum in her cell.

► Joel’s Birthday Dinner

Episode #3429 & #3430 (13th September 2012 & 14th September 2012)

CW // Death

Joel wants to have a dinner party for his birthday to impress Theresa, but he’s a hopeless cook. Brendan offers support, and ropes in Ste to help. Meanwhile, Walker’s comatose brother passes away – and he’s determined to make Brendan pay for it. As Walker invites himself to the dinner party, he drowns his sorrows and creates an awkward atmosphere before giving Brendan a teaser of what’s to come.

► Brendan Encourages Joel to Take the Power Back

Hollyoaks Later 2012 Episode #01 (17th September 2012)

CW // Violence, Abuse

When Brendan learns that Joel’s stepfather Mick has been beating him all his life, it triggers a very personal response in him, and Brendan becomes determined to help Joel fight back against this injustice and take the power back.

► Mitzeee Contemplates Killing Lauren

Hollyoaks Later 2012 Episode #01 & Hollyoaks Later 2012 #02 (17th September 2012 & 18th September 2012)

CW // Profanity

Lauren has escaped police custody whilst handcuffed to Mitzeee. They find a shack where they can spend the night, and discuss each other’s reasons for being incarcerated. As Lauren sleeps, Mitzeee contemplates using a piece of broken glass to injure herself, and then considers injuring Lauren.

► Brendan and Joel Track Mick Down

Hollyoaks Later 2012 Episode #02 (18th September 2012)

CW // Strobe Lighting, Violence

WARNING: STROBE LIGHTING. Joel’s abusive stepfather Mick has escaped Brendan’s car boot and met up with Joel’s girlfriend Theresa. Brendan and Joel frantically search for Mick and track him down to the Ghost Train.

► Brendan and Joel Teach Mick a Lesson

Hollyoaks Later 2012 Episode #02 (18th September 2012)
Joel has suffered a lifetime of abuse from stepfather Mick. Brendan sees an opportunity to help Joel humiliate Mick in revenge, but these things don’t always go to plan…

► Mitzeee Gets Dragged into a Threesome

Hollyoaks Later 2012 Episode #04 (20th September 2012)

CW // Profanity

Lauren has escaped prison (and taken Mitzeee with her) with the sole plan to get pregnant by her boyfriend Raymond before he goes to war, potentially to never return. As they wake up outside the barracks, Raymond meets them and they get to work. Unfortunately for Mitzeee she’s still handcuffed to Lauren…

► Brendan Disposes of Mick’s Body

Hollyoaks Later 2012 Episode #04 (20th September 2012)

CW // Dismemberment

Brendan realises he needs to dispose of Mick’s body in order to avoid anybody getting into trouble. He takes the body to an abandoned barn and gets to work on hiding the evidence. Walker wants to be part of this, so that he can use it to take Brendan down – but Brendan directs him elsewhere. As Cheryl and Nate are out driving, they spot Brendan and she goes to investigate.

► Mitzeee Realises She Couldn’t Have Stabbed Mercedes

Hollyoaks Later 2012 Episode #04 (20th September 2012)
Now that Lauren has taken her last chance to become pregnant by Raymond, what they do next is up to Mitzeee. She realises that she knows who she is now, that she could never hurt anybody even in a desperate situation, so there’s no way she could have ever stabbed Mercedes like she has been accused of. She decides she wants to fight for her freedom and put things right.

► Walker Tries to Get Closer to Brendan

Hollyoaks Later 2012 Episode #04 (20th September 2012)
Walker’s continued attempts to find out incriminating information about Brendan are taken to the next level – but is he too personally invested in this case?

► Nana Flo’s Deathbed Confession

Hollyoaks Later 2012 Episode #05 (21st September 2012)
Brendan’s Nana Flo is terminally ill and is determined that Brendan takes her to the family holiday home in Southport. Brendan assumes her reasons are innocent, but the holiday home is a trauma trigger for him so he tries making excuses to delay going there. Flo meets him in his childhood bedroom and gives Brendan what is essentially a deathbed confession: she has always known her son Seamus was sexually abusing Brendan but felt powerless to stop it, and the guilt has eaten away at her for years.

► Brendan Discovers the Truth about Walker at the Wrong Moment

Hollyoaks Later 2012 Episode #05 (21st September 2012)
Undercover Detective Inspector Simon Walker had been investigating Brendan for months but had aroused suspicion. Brendan added his own phone number to Walker’s secret police contact “Mum” to see what would happen. Unfortunately, this coincided with Brendan destroying the family holiday home where his father abused him…

► Mercedes’ Kidnapping of Bobby Goes Wrong

Episode #3441 & #3442 (1st October 2012 & 2nd October 2012)
When Mercedes overhears Riley talking to his father about how he loves Mitzeee, she is determined to punish Riley in order to keep him in her life. Mercedes has arranged for Phoebe to “kidnap” their son Bobby and hold him to ransom. When the ransom exchange goes wrong, it very nearly costs them their lives.

► Riley Is in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time As Walker Seeks Revenge

Episode #3442 & #3443 (2nd October 2012 & 3rd October 2012)

CW // Death

As Walker plans to take someone Brendan loves away from him, Riley and Mitzeee finally have the truth about Mercedes manipulating her incarceration. As Brendan tries to wrestle the gun from Walker, Riley is the unlucky recipient of a bullet.

► Rescuing Declan

Episode #3443 (3rd October 2012)

CW // Drugs

As part of Walker’s plan to get revenge on Brendan, he’s lured son Declan over for a visit and is holding him captive on an industrial estate. He plans to give Declan the same fate that Brendan gave his brother Cameron – a drug overdose. Will Brendan reach his son in time?

► Myra Offers Some Wisdom to Martha

Episode #3453 (17th October 2012)
Ally has well and truly wormed his way into the Kane family, and the kids no longer want Martha in the house. As she frantically tries to find employment, Myra offers some words of encouragement.

► Lynsey’s Funeral

Episode #3458 (24th October 2012)

CW // Death

After a long delay, Lynsey’s body has been released and her loved ones can finally lay her to rest and give her the send-off she deserves.

► Cheryl Walks in on Brendan with Eoghan

Episode #3458 (24th October 2012)
Brendan and Lynsey’s brother Eoghan – who is also Cheryl’s ex – have history, which they end up revisiting at Lynsey’s funeral.

► Cheryl and Brendan’s First Counselling Session

Episode #3460 (26th October 2012)

CW // Death, Sexual Abuse

After witnessing her brother Brendan chopping up a dead body, Cheryl is worried that they can never be the same again. She arranges some family counselling to see if they can get to the bottom of Brendan’s issues, but Brendan is keen to avoid talking about the real issue.

► Ste Seeks an Explanation for Brendan’s Violence

Episode #3462 & #3463 (30th October 2012 & 31st October 2012)

CW // Domestic Violence

Ste has physically lashed out at Doug and is distressed by his own behaviour. He seeks solace from Brendan in hopes of understanding why he responded in such a violent way.

► Esther’s Bullying Intensifies

Episode #3463 (31st October 2012)

CW // Bullying

Maddie, Sinead and Ruby think it’s hilarious to tease Esther by pretending to be a new love interest – “Rosie” – and arranging to meet for a date. When Esther goes to meet “Rosie” after chatting online for a while, the group stages the return of serial killer Silas, and they’re sure to capture it on video when Esther wets herself in fear for her life, and ensure she’ll never live it down.

► Enjoy the Ride: Carnage

Episode #3473 (14th November 2012)
The sixth formers have stolen Cheryl’s faulty minibus and are on their way to Gretna Green so that Ruby and Jono can get married. When they realise they’re carrying the cakes for Tony/Cindy and Ste/Doug’s double wedding, they decide to detour to drop them off. Meanwhile, Esther has enlisted Bart’s help to stop them from going to Gretna Green, but he’s stoned again and thinks it’s hilarious to chase them at high speed in the direction of the wedding venue. When Maddie realises she doesn’t know how to stop the broken vehicle, she panics and carnage ensues.

► Enjoy the Ride: Panic

Episode #3474 (15th November 2012)
In the moments immediately following the crash there is panic throughout the wedding venue as people frantically search for their loved ones.

► Enjoy the Ride: Rescue

Episode #3474 (15th November 2012)
Following the crash, Jono heroically attempts to save his friends from the minibus. With only one of them left inside, the petrol leaking from the minibus interacts with the flame from a damaged patio heater which causes a huge explosion, leading to even more damage.

► Enjoy the Ride: Goodbye

Episode #3474 (15th November 2012)
Just as Rhys is freed from the rubble, a steel beam crashes on his legs which causes a rupture. A paramedic explains to Jacqui that Rhys will bleed out before the fire service can arrive to cut him free, and so they must say their goodbyes.

► Enjoy the Ride: Aftermath

Episode #3474 (15th November 2012)
The survivors of the minibus crash stand outside the wedding venue, trying to process all of the traumatic events that have just occurred.

► Enjoy the Ride: Angels

Episode #3475 (16th November 2012)
Ruby and Jono sit on the jetty outside The Dog, reflecting on the life-changing experience they have just been through and looking towards their future…

► Jacqui Discovers Sinead Is Having Rhys’ Baby

Episode #3494 & #3495 (13th December 2012 & 14th December 2012)
A month after her husband Rhys’ death and Jacqui is slowly making progress, but when she deduces that he had been having an affair with Cindy, she goes to confront her at Attwells – only for both Jacqui and Cindy (who actually had been having an affair with Rhys) to get a massive shock in the process.

► Cheryl Puts Her Foot in It with Doug

Episode #3497 (18th December 2012)
Cheryl tries to clear up the Brendan situation before Ste leaves for America, except she accidentally drops a bombshell on Doug, giving him plenty to think about.

► Brendan Tries to Make Amends with His Kids

Episode #3497 (18th December 2012)
Brendan makes an attempt to see his kids as they head off travelling for Christmas, but neither the kids or ex-wife Eileen want him in their lives.

► Doug Sets Ste Free

Episode #3497 (18th December 2012)
Doug and Ste are moving to the USA, but Doug knows Ste isn’t fully invested in their marriage and is sick of being the second choice to Brendan. Doug buys Ste a plane ticket to Dublin to chase Brendan; he realises that regardless of who Ste chooses, his ultimatum will result in the right choice for both of them, regardless of how much it will hurt.

► Ste Finds Brendan in Dublin

Episode #3497 & #3498 (18th December 2012 & 19th December 2012)
Having left husband Doug to reunite with Brendan, Ste tracks him down in his Dublin hotel. As he enters his room hoping to surprise him, he gets a shock when he finds John Paul in Brendan’s bed.

► Ste and Brendan Reunite in Dublin

Episode #3498 & #3499 (19th December 2012 & 20th December 2012)
Ste has chosen to leave his husband Doug and try again with Brendan. He’s followed him to Dublin, where Brendan has made a pact with God to leave Ste alone if he let him survive the bus crash – so he needs some persuading to give their relationship a proper go.

► Ste and Brendan Return Home from Dublin

Episode #3499 (20th December 2012)
Ste and Brendan return home from Dublin feeling good, but a surprise visitor leaves Brendan feeling vulnerable.

► Brendan Struggles with Seamus’ Arrival

Episode #3500 (21st December 2012)

CW // Sexual Abuse, Domestic Violence

When Ste and Brendan return from Dublin, they get a shock when Brendan’s abusive father turns up out of the blue. Whilst all of this abuse is still fresh in Brendan’s mind, he struggles to cope with his presence.

► Jacqui Finds a Baby in a Manger

Episode #3502 (26th December 2012)
It’s Christmas Day and you’ve got a house full. You step outside for a breath of fresh air, passing your eyes over your garden full of nativity scene decorations and then you see it – a real baby lying in your manger.

► Jacqui Discovers the Identity of Rhys’ Other Woman

Episode #3502 (26th December 2012)
As the McQueens celebrate Christmas, Jacqui discovers her deceased husband’s phone and plugs it in. As she browses the pictures, she discovers his affair with Cindy – who is at their house with her husband Tony for dinner.


► Esther’s Suicide Attempt

Episode #3521 (21st January 2013)

CW // Suicide, Bullying

Esther has gone through almost two years worth of bullying from Maddie, Sinead and Ruby. When Sinead and Ruby continue to blame Esther for Maddie’s death and insist on making her life hell, Esther has nothing left to give. She packs up her life, donates her belongings and attempts to take her own life.

► Daddy Brendan Entertains the Kids

Episode #3525 (25th January 2013)
The kids’ school is shut due to a burst pipe and Ste needs to run the deli – so Brendan is left on babysitting duties.

► Brendan Reveals His Abuse to Mitzeee

Episode #3527 (29th January 2013)

CW // Sexual Abuse

Brendan’s struggling to deal with his father’s continued presence as a constant reminder of the sexual abuse and subsequent trauma he has been subjected to since childhood. When he goes to drown his sorrows at Chez Chez, Mitzeee reveals that she inadvertedly blames Brendan for Riley’s death. Brendan opens up to her about the abuse and Mitzeee offers her support, encouraging him to open up to his boyfriend Ste. Just as Brendan gathers the courage to talk to Ste, he overhears him telling his daughter Leah to lie to her mother about Brendan’s involvement with Ste. Feeling hurt and rejected, Brendan re-buries his secret.

► Brendan Experiences Domestic Bliss

Episode #3546 (25th February 2013)
Brendan’s new hire Kevin is secretly in cahoots for Walker and is getting frustrated that Brendan isn’t taking his bait. When Ste is short-handed at the deli, Brendan offers to help him out – except he’s not exactly a skilled baker. As he’s “kneading” bread dough in his own special way, he experiences happiness and contentment with his life.

► Brendan and Walker’s Final Confrontation

Episode #3562 (19th March 2013)

CW // Death, Violence

Walker has been tormenting Brendan for months as revenge for inadvertently killing his little brother. Now he has set up his final act of revenge – to tear Brendan’s family apart and kill those closest to him. The two come face-to-face for the final time on a railway track.

► Brendan’s Confession

Episode #3564 (21st March 2013)
As Cheryl shoots their father dead for sexually assaulting her brother, Brendan decides he must take the rap for her. Knowing that he can’t go through prison again, he decides to make a final confession to all of his prior crimes, with the intention that the SWAT team will shoot him dead.

► Texas Is Pushed Through a Window

Episode #3599 (9th May 2013)
It’s Texas and Will’s wedding day, but she seems to be making enemies of many people…

► Ste Helps His Mum to Die

Episode #3660 & #3661 (2nd August 2013 & 5th August 2013)

CW // Assisted Suicide, Death

Pauline never had a good relationship with her son, Ste. She was never interested in him, tormented him and was happy to let him do his own thing. When she discovers she is terminally ill and can’t handle the pain any longer, she asks Ste to help her end her life.

► Nancy Tries to Escape Police

Episode #3669 (15th August 2013)
Sienna has been gaslighting Nancy for months and has successfully turned everyone against her, including her husband, to steal her entire life. As Sienna manipulates a situation for it to look like Nancy is kidnapping the children, Nancy tries to flee from the police but causes a car accident in the process.

► Tony’s In Too Deep and Gives Up

Hollyoaks Later 2013 Episode #01 (7th October 2013)

CW // Profanity

Tony discovers that the item he was supposed to deliver to The White Man is missing. Frantic, he once again sees a vision of his deceased friend Kurt who tells him he’s in too deep. Tony decides to give in and end his life.

► Callum Rescues Esther

Hollyoaks Later 2013 Episode #04 (10th October 2013)

CW // Impalement

Deranged Jade wanted her dead boyfriend’s liver back – of which Esther happened to be the transplant recipient. As Callum comes to rescue Esther, Jade steps things up a notch by way of an ornamental samurai sword.

► Tony Escapes The White Man

Hollyoaks Later 2013 Episode #05 (11th October 2013)
Tony has decided not to deliver to The White Man and go home instead – but The White Man catches up with him and shoots him in the leg. Tony comes around on a clifftop, which he is informed is the location where “Caer en desgracia” is undertaken – the place Carlotta told him about where if you have faith in your jump, you’ll evade the rocks below and land safely in the water. When Tony learns the English translation for the jump is “Fall from Grace”, he sees this as a sign that his deceased daughter Grace will guide him if he jumped to escape The White Man. With this faith, Tony survives his jump and attributes this to the visions of Grace and Kurt that he has been experiencing. He travels home to partner Diane with a new lease of life, finally willing to undergo treatment for his cancer, and wanting to spend the rest of his life with her.

► A Bomb Goes Off in the Flats

Episode #3712 (15th October 2013)
Clare has planted a bomb in The Loft to kill the entire McQueen family during Mercedes’ 30th birthday celebrations. Little does she know that Sinead has stolen the bag containing the bomb – thinking it was a bag of money – and has taken it home to the flats where Ste and Doug’s leaving party is taking place, just as Will is trying to kill Ash in the flat above.

► Doug Dies

Episode #3713 (16th October 2013)

CW // Death

After the bomb goes off in the flat, an injured Doug goes back in to rescue Ste. When the roof caves in, Ste and Doug are both crushed by rubble. As Ste panics, thinking that he’s going to die, Doug attempts to calm him down as they reminisce about their relationship, with Doug telling Ste everything’s going to be okay. As Ste awakens following passing out, he discovers that Doug has died from his injuries.

► The Women Defend Themselves from Browning

Episode #3713 & #3714 (16th October 2013 & 17th October 2013)

CW // Murder

Paul Browning has tormented Mercedes, Cindy and Lindsey in various ways over the past year. When he runs down Clare as she fights with Mercedes outside The Loft, he takes her back to the house and attacks her when she reveals she did sleep with Trevor. Lindsey and Cindy come to her rescue and think they’ve killed Paul, but he gets up again – not before Mercedes delivers the fatal blow. The women panic that they’re all complicit in a murder and wonder what to do next.

► Danny Reveals He’s Ste’s Father

Episode #3714 (17th October 2013)

CW // Suicide

Danny races to the hospital after the explosion, fearing that his secret son Ste has been killed. When Sinead tells Danny that “he’s dead”, Danny assumes she means Ste – not Doug. When Ste goes to the deli to feel closer to Doug, he tries to take his own life because he feels like he has nothing and nobody left. Danny sees the perfect opportunity to reveal his identity to him, to show that he’s not alone.

► Dennis and Leanne’s Deathbed Wedding

Episode #3715 & #3716 (18th October 2013 & 21st October 2013)

CW // Death

Following her injuries in the explosion at the flats, Dennis breaks the news to Leanne that she isn’t going to recover from her injuries. Knowing how much a wedding meant to her, he grabs her wedding book and tries to make as much of it happen as possible at short notice. Leanne keeps asking for her best friend Doug, but nobody wants to make this harder for her by telling her he’s dead. After the wedding, Leanne passes away with Dennis by her side.

► Will vs. Dodger

Episode #3729 (7th November 2013)
Will has held his entire family hostage at Anna’s house, but now it’s time to end his feud with Dodger once and for all.

► The Women Stage Browning’s Death

Episode #3731 & #3732 (11th November 2013 & 12th November 2013)

CW // Murder

The women have put together a plan to ‘stage’ Browning’s death. They’ve removed his decomposing body from the Price Slice freezer and positioned it in the driving seat of a car to try and make it look like he’s accidentally driven over the edge of a cliff. Freddie has followed them and learns about the whole plot, and thankfully points out some massive flaws in their plan before they all push the car over the cliff and watch it explode, hopeful that they are all finally free of him.


► A Wrecking Ball Destroys the Flats

Episode #3779 (16th January 2014)
Months after a bomb ripped through the council flats, it’s time for the remains to be levelled. On Freddie’s wedding day, Grace has handcuffed Joe to a pipe inside, intending that the wrecking ball will do the dirty work for her.

► Sinead Races to Be by Baby Katy’s Side

Episode #3831 & #3832 (31st March 2014 & 1st April 2014)
Having been banned from seeing her sick baby daughter Katy, Sinead receives a phone call to say that she has taken a turn for the worse and races to the hospital to be by her side.

► Danny and Sam’s Fatal Car Accident

Episode #3922 (5th August 2014)
As Danny and Sam head off for a fresh start away from Hollyoaks, they’re caught up in a fatal car accident.

► Sienna and Maxine Get Stuck on the Train Tracks

Episode #3992 (11th November 2014)
A furious Patrick is following Sienna and Maxine and intends to stop them in their tracks. Perhaps unintentionally, he forces their car into the path of an oncoming train.

► The Party Train Crashes

Episode #3993 (12th November 2014)
With Sienna and Maxine’s car on the tracks, the party train attempts to brake to limit the inevitable damage. As the train collides with the car, it’s not long before it derails.

► The Train Carriage Explodes

Episode #3993 (12th November 2014)
As the majority of the train passengers escape, Sonny continues to cause drama with Carmel and Theresa. Carmel finally decides to stick by her family, but her and Sonny are caught up in a further accident.


► Will Plays Another Game with Dodger

Episode #4042 (20th January 2015)
Will has escaped from court security and intends to continue causing trouble for brother Dodger. He is holding two of Dodger’s love interests – Maxine and Theresa – hostage in the engine room of the houseboat and has set it on fire in order to play a sick game with Dodger.

► Ste Receives a Life Changing Diagnosis

Episode #4043 (21st January 2015)
Ste has received a phone call from Connor, whom he slept with months prior, informing him that he has been diagnosed with HIV, and encouraging Ste to get himself tested. Ste and his new husband John Paul attend a clinic and each take a test to find out their status.

► Ste Reminisces About Brendan as John Paul Listens In

Episode #4100 (10th April 2015)
Ste and John Paul have hit a rough patch in their relationship. As John Paul lets himself in the flat to make peace, Ste and Sinead return from the hospital and are talking about him. John Paul hides in the wardrobe and is heartbroken by what his boyfriend has to say, including how he pales in comparison to ex Brendan.

► Maxine Tries to End It All

Episode #4130 (22nd May 2015)

CW // Suicide

Maxine’s abusive ex-partner Patrick has manipulated a situation to get her boyfriend Darren to tell the court she’s an alcoholic and a bad mother to their daughter Minnie. Upon hearing this news, the court orders that social services take Minnie and give full custody to her father Patrick. Maxine is devastated, and Darren feels guilty that this is happening because of his actions. After all the controlling and abuse Maxine has suffered at the hands of Patrick over the past two years, she feels like he’s won and has no fight left, so plans to end her life.

► Grace Chases Esther

Episode #4197 (25th August 2015)
Esther recently gave birth to Curtis as a surrogate for friends Grace and Trevor, however, she has bonded with the baby and wants to be part of his life. With a frantic Grace chasing them, it could only end in disaster.

► Reenie’s Rape Revelation

Episode #4218 (23rd September 2015)

CW // Rape

Derek, who was not in good health, has recently come back into the McQueens’ lives and has reignited his romance with Marlena. Marlena’s daughter Reenie is not impressed by his return, and reveals that he raped her when she was 13 years old and is the biological father of her eldest daughter Porsche. Marlena struggles to come to terms with the revelation because she missed all of the signs and had always just accepted her own abuse from Derek because he paid the bills. When Derek suffers a heart attack, Marlena and Reenie decide to take their time in calling for an ambulance.

► Patrick and Peri Confide in Each Other

Episode #4228 (7th October 2015)
As Patrick struggles to cope with Motor Neurone Disease taking its toll on his body, Peri is also struggling to deal with the fact that she doesn’t want her baby. By chance, they end up having a heart-to-heart when both of them are in crisis, and give each other the boost they need to make a positive change.

► The Roscoes Trapped in the Storm Drain

Episode #4237 & #4238 (20th October 2015 & 21st October 2015)
The Roscoe brothers are on the run from Trevor and are forced into a dangerous situation.

► The Gloved Hand Killer Is Revealed

Episode #4239 & #4240 (22nd October 2015 & 23rd October 2015)

CW // Murder

For nearly 11 months, the Gloved Hand Killer has been secretly triggering cardiac arrest in patients. Freddie is about to discover the identity of the killer.

► Diane and Tegan Come to An Agreement

Episode #4240 (23rd October 2015)
When Tony, Diane and Tegan discovered that their daughters had been swapped at the hospital, they never thought they could ever come to a resolution that works for everybody. Now, exactly two years on since the birth, the women come to an agreement to carry on raising the ‘wrong’ child, but to ensure they stay in each others’ lives going forward.

► Tony and Diane Renew Their Vows

Episode #4240 (23rd October 2015)
After a tough year, Tony and Diane are renewing their vows at The Dog with all their friends and neighbours present. Meanwhile, the Osbornes are moving on from the pub and enjoying their final shift.

► Mercedes Learns That Her Baby Has Died

Episode #4248 (4th November 2015)

CW // Death, Stillbirth

Mercedes is feeling a bit panicked that she hasn’t felt her baby move in some time, so brother John Paul accompanies her to the hospital for a check-up. Whilst waiting, Mercedes tells John Paul about how she told Joe he wasn’t the baby’s dad in order to punish him. During the ultrasound, the sonographer delivers the terrible news that the baby has died.

► Simone Lends Her Support to a Grief-stricken Mercedes

Episode #4249 (5th November 2015)

CW // Death, Stillbirth

Having just experienced a traumatic stillbirth, Mercedes is trying to move forward too quickly. Simone finds her looking a bit lost in the village and lends her support.

► Cameron Blows up Leela’s House

Episode #4283 (23rd December 2015)

CW // Blood

Leela and Peri are living away from the village for a number of reasons involving Ziggy, Tegan and Cameron. When Cameron spots Ziggy heading to Leela’s, he follows him and leaves a deadly trap in the house.

► Zack Discovers That His Sister Is An Imposter

Episode #4284-4285 (24th December 2015)

CW // Miscarriage

Sonia, who has been masquerading as Lisa Loveday for months, has started to develop feelings for her ‘brother’ Zack. On Christmas Day, when Zack is dumped by his girlfriend Theresa, it breaks her heart hearing him talk about himself so negatively, and she instinctively gives him a supportive kiss. When she fails to control the urge to kiss him properly, Zack is freaked out that his big sister just kissed him. In order to calm him down, Sonia feels she has no choice but to tell him the truth, including the revelation that the real Lisa is dead. As Zack struggles to process everything, he ponders how he can possibly break the news to his parents, but justifies it knowing that they can focus their attention on their baby when it’s born. Back at home, Louis and Simone are blaming themselves due to the sad loss of their baby when they recently went away. When Zack turns up with Sonia close behind, they share the heartbreaking news to the kids, and Zack decides that it’s not the right time to drop another massive bombshell.

► Ziggy Succumbs to Head Injuries

Episode #4284-4285 (24th December 2015)

CW // Death

Ziggy had hit his head on the ground quite hard as he and Leela escaped the house explosion caused by Cameron, but both of them feel fine and continue with their days. He decides to play Father Christmas to spread some cheer, which doesn’t quite go to plan, but Tegan declares her love for him in a grand romantic gesture. Later, during a gathering at The Dog, Ziggy feels unwell and quietly passes away in an armchair as a result of his head injuries.


► Alfie and Jade Stand Up to Cancer

Episode #4344 (17th March 2016)
As Jade struggles with the physical side effects of her cancer treatment, she is cheered up by her boyfriend Alfie, a cancer survivor, who helps her to take control of the cancer.

► Nathan and Rachel Start a New Life Together

Episode #4351 & #4352 (28th March 2016 & 29th March 2016)
Nathan and Rachel are heading off to start a new life together, but a drunk and distressed Holly looks set to change their plans.

► Sonia’s Lies are Exposed

Episode #4361 & #4362 (11th April 2016 & 12th April 2016)
15 years ago, Lisa Loveday was kidnapped from school. Her parents Louis and Simone never stopped searching, and were elated when their baby girl finally returned to them – except she wasn’t their baby girl, she was an imposter called Sonia who had met the real Lisa after her kidnapping. As the Lovedays played happy families, Lisa’s brother Zack discovered the truth about Sonia – but also learned that the real Lisa was apparently dead. At a time when Simone had just miscarried, Zack decides it would be cruel to drop this bombshell so keeps Sonia’s secret. Over time, Zack and Sonia begin to fall in love with each other. They kept their forbidden romance secret from everybody, but Louis and Simone are about to get the shock of their lives.

► The Lovedays Reunite with the Real Lisa

Episode #4375 & #4376 (29th April 2016 & 2nd May 2016)
Joanne, Zack and Sonia have all got leads on Margaret, the woman who supposedly kidnapped Lisa 15 years ago. Joanne takes them to ambush Margaret who is supposedly leaving the country with Lisa imminently. Louis and Simone come to meet face-to-face with Margaret and she is arrested. When the police escort Lisa arrives to the police station, she gets the shock of her life to meet a group of people all claiming to be her real family.

► Cleo Gets Justice

Episode #4418 (29th June 2016)

CW // Child Abuse

Cleo’s mother’s boyfriend Pete had been grooming her for years, making her believe they were genuinely in love and in an adult relationship together. Pete has now been brought to court for judgment, and after a few brief moments where it looked like he would get off, Cleo finally has justice.

► Warren Gives Ste Some Tough Love

Episode #4453 & #4454 (17th August 2016 & 18th August 2016)

CW // Drugs

Warren is attending a narcotics group meeting when Ste turns up and catches sight of him. Ste is freaked by Warren’s involvement and leaves. Warren later catches up with him and attempts to offer him some tough love.

► Grace Seeks An Explanation Over Sienna’s Affair with Trevor

Episode #4455 (19th August 2016)
As a power cut affects the entire village, Grace chooses to seek answers from Sienna over her affair with her deceased partner, Trevor. As Sienna explains how she and Trevor bonded, Grace feels hurt that Trevor could never fully open up to her. The two women engage in a gentle and rational discussion over their love for Trevor – until Grace discovers that Sienna might have already moved on with Warren.

► Alfie and Jade’s Final Journey Together

Episode #4500 (21st October 2016)

CW // Death

Teenagers Alfie and Jade fell in love as they battled cancer together, but sadly Jade’s prognosis isn’t good. As Jade prepares to say goodbye to her loved ones, her and Alfie go on one last imaginary day out together as she passes away in his arms under the stars.

► Sonia Sacrifices Her Happiness for Lisa

Episode #4503 & #4504 (26th October 2016 & 27th October 2016)
When Sonia pretended to be Louis and Simone’s long-lost daughter Lisa, they thought she was perfect. When the real Lisa turned up, it was almost like they preferred their imposter daughter to their biological one. As Simone and Lisa continue to clash, she lets Lisa know exactly how she feels. Sonia knows that the family can never recover whilst she’s hanging around, so decides to sacrifice the good life she has built in Hollyoaks and start elsewhere.

► Cameron Sets the Maze on Fire

Episode #4507 (1st November 2016)
Nico’s on the run from police and mum Sienna finds her hiding in the maze. Unfortunately, killer Cameron is also on her tail and plants burning poi equipment at the entrance to the maze to ensure she is finished.

► Joe and Mercedes Are Rescued from the Ferris Wheel

Episode #4508 (2nd November 2016)
As the maze continues to burn, Joe and Mercedes are still stranded on the Ferris wheel thanks to Joanne’s sabotage. As the cherry picker attempts to rescue them, stray sparks cause an explosion which has fatal consequences.

► Sienna and Mercedes Support Each Other

Episode #4509 (3rd November 2016)

CW // Death

Following the fairground tragedies, Mercedes is grieving for fiancé Joe and Sienna is grieving for daughter Nico. Separately, both women go up to the hospital roof with the intention of ending their lives, feeling unable to go on. The two strangers meet on the roof and are unhappy to see another person in their way, but they end up bonding over their similar circumstances. The two talk each other out of making a huge mistake, and give each other the confidence to go on living.


► Sienna Wants Warren to Grieve for His Son

Episode #4553 (4th January 2017)
Sienna blames Warren for leaving her daughter Nico to die, so plans to ensure he feels the same pain when she leaves his son Joel to die.

► Nancy Tries to Process Her MS Diagnosis

Episode #4565 (20th January 2017)
Nancy hasn’t been feeling right recently, and has been experiencing some distressing symptoms. After her scan, a consultant confirms her fears – Nancy has relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis.

► Nathan Falls to His Death

Episode #4582 (14th February 2017)

CW // Violence, Death

Nathan has discovered his girlfriend Lisa has been sleeping with his dad Mac, and understandably he’s not happy about it.

► Racing to Get Yasmine to Hospital

Episode #4651 (22nd May 2017)

CW // Vehicle Accident

As Prince, Alfie, Lily and Tom race to get Yasmine to hospital, they cross paths with Joel and Cleo’s motorbike at the worst possible moment.

► The Teens’ Self-Harm Pact

Episode #4758 (18th October 2017)

CW // Self-harm

Lily, Yasmine and Peri discuss their experience with self-harm as a way of dealing with difficulties out of their control. Peri encourages Yasmine to give it a go so that she can understand, and the girls form a self-harm pact.

► Mac’s Rage Causes an Accident

Episode #4766 (30th October 2017)
Mac has discovered his girlfriend Neeta has fallen in love with schoolboy Hunter. He tracks her down at the school and his rage causes a huge accident.

► Mac Makes a Decision with Fatal Consequences

Episode #4767 (31st October 2017)
As the rescue effort continues following the boiler explosion at the school, Mac makes a decision that he can never come back from.

► Luke Confronts His Rapist

Episode #4799 & #4800 (14th December 2017 & 15th December 2017)

CW // Rape

17 years ago, Mark raped Luke and spent 8 years in prison as a result. Recently, Luke has been seeking closure and has been following Mark. He learns that Mark’s wife has no idea what he did time for. Luke has also been talking to Mark online by pretending to be Nancy. When Mark shows up at Luke’s home, the two are forced to confront the situation.

► Courtney Meets Iona

Episode #4805-4806 (22nd December 2017)
Courtney introduces herself to her baby daughter, Iona.


► Diane Causes an Accident in the Tunnel

Episode #4817 (9th January 2018)
Whilst Tony is driving the family through a tunnel, Diane becomes determined to shop Harry to the police for his involvement in Amy Barnes’ murder and insists that they pull over. Her outburst causes an accident when the Maalik family drive past and clip her, swerving to try and avoid further injury.

► Misbah Makes Her Choice

Episode #4818 (10th January 2018)
Following the crash in the tunnel, Harry makes the choice to run away, and Misbah is faced with the prospect of choosing which of her children to save first. Meanwhile, a lorry driver travelling through the tunnel isn’t paying attention to the road.

► Arson at the McQueens

Episode #4873 & #4874 (28th March 2018 & 29th March 2018)
Adam is being manipulated by his father Glenn and has been instructed to set the McQueens’ house on fire. When he realises that people are still inside – including his little brother Jesse – Adam ends up performing a rescue.

► Dean Dies from Hypothermia

Episode #4889 (19th April 2018)

CW // Death

Peri, Harley and Dean befriended each other when they were all experiencing homelessness. On one cold night, Dean is feeling unwell and falls asleep. Peri soon realises that he has passed away in his sleep due to hypothermia.

► Myra Confronts Joel Over Cleo’s Bulimia

Episode #4890 (20th April 2018)

CW // Eating Disorders

Cleo struggles with the complex love triangle situation between her, Joel and cancer-stricken Sienna, which triggers a bulimia relapse. When her auntie Myra discovers Cleo in the act of making herself sick, she confronts Joel about his behaviour.

► Peri Comes Home

Episode #4890 (20th April 2018)
Two months after Peri’s mum Leela kicked her out due to lying about her pregnancy, Peri decides to return home… but only on one condition.

► Sienna’s Rooftop Showdown

Episode #4912 (22nd May 2018)
After Josh helped Sienna fake her death to smoke out Nico, they meet on the hospital roof. Sienna is determined that Nico will go to prison for her murders, but her plan changes somewhat when Nico reveals she’s pregnant. Sienna gets a massive surprise when ex-partner Warren appears on the roof – he’d heard that Sienna was dead and wants to take their son Sebastian back to Spain to live with him and Sebastian’s twin sister Sophie. As Nico kicks off, Warren uses the opportunity to take Sebastian away from Sienna. Sienna frantically runs to her wake in The Dog to get help to chase her son but nobody believes her lies anymore, while Nico runs away from police.

► Alfie Causes His Family Concern

Episode #4923 & #4924 (6th June 2018 & 7th June 2018)
Alfie’s mental health has been declining for some time. When Holly and Damon discover he is acting strangely at home, they alert the rest of the family.

► Liberty Tries to Get Her Private Videos Destroyed

Episode #4925 (8th June 2018)
Liberty is embarassed by the song and music video her useless ex-manager, ex-producer and ex-boyfriend Kelvin produced for her and is determined to get rid of the evidence.

► Milo Nearly Kills Again

Episode #4984 (30th August 2018)

CW // Death

In 2004, Simon Jones accidentally caused a car crash which led to the deaths of Gordon and Helen Cunningham. Recently, upon his escape from prison and under the pseudonym of “Milo”, he has been watching over what’s left of the Cunningham and Richardson families to try and make up for killing the parents all those years ago. As Tom, Holly and Liberty have discovered Milo’s real identity, Milo has decided he needs to get rid of Cindy because she’s ruined everything. He cuffs her in her father’s old car and takes her to a scrapyard with the intention that she will be crushed.

► The Fallout to Mandy and Darren’s Affair

Episode #5002 (25th September 2018)
Mandy and Darren have been having an affair, and Mandy has come clean to Nancy. Nancy confronts Darren, as Luke confronts Mandy.

► Cleo Has a Heart Attack

Episode #5013 (10th October 2018)

CW // Eating Disorder

Cleo has struggled with bulimia for many years. It’s her wedding day, and she’s determined to feel her best for husband-to-be Joel, so pushes her body to its limits. When Cleo “faints” at the altar, she is taken to hospital and her psychologist Farrah discusses this with her – except Cleo isn’t telling the truth, and tells a filtered version of the story. As the truth becomes clearer, Cleo discovers that she didn’t faint – she had a heart attack.

► The Ladies Play Poison Roulette

Episode #5018 (17th October 2018)

CW // Death

Glenn Donovan has tormented Simone, Grace, Courtney, Kim and Maxine to the point where they come up with a scheme where they will poison him one-by-one – but only one of the vials actually contains poison, so nobody will know if they were personally responsible for the aftermath.

► The Jetty Collapses in the Storm

Episode #5023 (24th October 2018)
As Storm Belinda rages on, Lily goes to speak to Romeo on the jetty. It collapses beneath her and she becomes trapped under the water. Romeo and Prince both race to save her life.

► A Tornado Threatens Sami and Sinead

Episode #5024 (25th October 2018)
Sami gives Sinead a lift home during Storm Belinda, and they get passionate in his car. As they go to continue their journey they notice danger heading their way, and head for cover.


► The Footballer Abuse Trial Comes to an End

Episode #5080 (11th January 2019)

CW // Sexual Abuse

Football coach Buster is on trial for a series of historic and recent sexual abuse accusations against his players. The time has come for him to receive his verdict, as the judge hopes that it will encourage other victims to come forward.

► Celebrate Difference

Episode #5097 (5th February 2019)
Mandy and Darren have recently been informed that their unborn baby has spina bifida, and have differing opinions over how to feel and proceed. On the day of Oscar’s performance at the Disability Awareness Day, Mandy’s friends and neighbours help her process her thoughts.

► Mercedes vs Lisa

Episode #5101 (11th February 2019)

CW // Violence

Liam has annoyed his girlfriend Lisa. As she talks it through with his sister Grace, Mercedes – who has recently slept with Liam – walks in, and they provoke each other in to a fight.

► Sami Speaks About His Cultural Identity

Episode #5124 (14th March 2019)

CW // Racism

Sami speaks to his family about his identity and culture. As they head to The Hutch for dessert, they run into Ste and his group of racist mates.

► Myra and Sally Part Ways

Episode #5133 (27th March 2019)
Myra has cheated on fiancée Sally with Stevie, and it has forced Sally to confront her fears – that deep down Myra isn’t in love with her, because she’ll always choose a man. When Sally decides she needs to leave, Myra decides she should be the one to go instead – and makes use of the wedding transport.

► Laurie Rapes Sinead

Episode #5137 (2nd April 2019)

CW // Rape

Sinead kicks off at Laurie in The Dog, which provokes Laurie and turns into a scene. Back at home, the arguing continues and Laurie takes things a step further.

► Lily Succumbs to Sepsis

Episode #5144 (11th April 2019)

CW // Self-harm, Death

Romeo and Lily are running away from the police as Romeo has been accused of a crime he didn’t commit. Lily isn’t impressed that Romeo has stolen money, especially from her ex-husband Prince’s family, and is fretting that they don’t have any kind of plan. Lily experiences flashbacks to caring for her deceased mother which reminds her of how far off trajectory her life has gone, and how she will have to give up her dreams if she runs away with Romeo. At the same time, her self-harm wounds have become infected. As the two discuss their future, Lily realises that Prince is the man in her future, not Romeo. After they part ways, Lily begins to feel severely ill. Her frantic family arrive to look for her as they know that she is suffering from sepsis.

► Grace Is Caught Up in Liam and Mercedes’ Reckless Behaviour

Episode #5167 (14th May 2019)

CW // Drugs, Vehicle Accident

As Mercedes continues to chase escapism with Liam, they take Harry’s car for a spin. Meanwhile, Grace wanders the streets as she calls Farrah to apologise following their argument.

► Sinead Tells Diane About Her Rape

Episode #5172 & #5173 (21st May 2019 & 22nd May 2019)

CW // Rape

Laurie comes home with a mysterious cut on his head, which Sinead questions him about. This makes Laurie angry, and he rapes Sinead again. Sinead, feeling broken and vulnerable, decides enough is enough and calls Laurie out in front of her family. Diane takes her to the hospital where evidence is collected, and Sinead takes part in an interview.

► Sinead Is Arrested for Perverting the Course of Justice

Episode #5175 (24th May 2019)

CW // Rape

Sinead fudged a date in her rape statement because she feared it could lose her the case – but it has come back to bite her. Another one of Laurie’s victims, Sienna, comes to show Sinead support – the two women apologise to each other for treating each other like enemies and move forward as supportive friends.

► The Far-Right Protest

Episode #5187 (11th June 2019)

CW // Racism

Ste brings a far-right violent protest to the village, with the intention that it would make ringleader Stuart proud of him. The protestors trash the village and local businesses, and one of them impels Ste to throw a brick through The Hutch window, which he reluctantly does. As the police descend on the village, Ste is arrested and Stuart kicks him out of their family for ruining his reputation. A raging Ste returns to the village blaming Tony, who delivers him some home truths about how the racists are exploiting his grief.

► The Fall of Laurie

Episode #5197 (25th June 2019)

CW // Rape, Violence

Laurie has been tormenting Sinead, Sienna and Diane for too long. As he chases them on to the school balcony, the women must defend themselves.

► Laurie Escapes the Prison Transport

Episode #5227 (6th August 2019)

CW // Rape, Vehicle Accident

Laurie’s had his day in court for attempting to rape Diane, and is being transported to prison to serve his 4 year sentence. Little does he know that his travel buddy is none other than Finn – Diane’s son.

► Jonny and the Bomb

Episode #5257 (17th September 2019)

CW // Racism, Violence

Jonny prepares to carry out terrorism in the form of a bomb, but ends up getting caught in the blast himself.

► Breda Takes Tony Home

Episode #5287 (29th October 2019)
As Breda has second thoughts about releasing Tony, the distraction causes her to crash into the crane doing the building work for the Cunningham Bazaar.

► A Drunken Luke Tries to Get the Crane Going

Episode #5288 (30th October 2019)
A drunk, determined and impulsive Luke takes matters into his own hands by trying to get the crane moving, despite not having a clue how it works. He makes the situation even worse as the crane continues to sink into the weak foundations beneath, and deadly construction materials are scattered everywhere.

► The Ground Beneath the Crane Gives Way

Episode #5288 (30th October 2019)
Following the car accident which destabilised the crane, Charlie and Ella have found a way out of the tunnels beneath the village, but Darren and Nancy are still down there looking for them. Mitchell and Scott are hiding in the Florist but can’t leave due to Walter’s presence outside. Tony is hidden in the back of Breda’s car and is desperate for somebody to help him. When the damaged foundations beneath the crane are unable to hold its weight, the ground collapses and the crane flips onto its side, causing carnage.

► Cleo Decides to Leave and Rebuild Herself

Episode #5290 (1st November 2019)
Cleo has found out that her boyfriend Mitchell has fallen in love with her friend Scott. Following the crane accident in the village which has hospitalised Scott, she confronts them in the hospital. A raging Cleo bravely holds it together and meets up with Joel, deciding she needs to get away to repair and heal herself.

► Ste Is Forced to Leave the Village

Episode #5303 (20th November 2019)
Ste feels he must leave Hollyoaks due to the shame he feels over his involvement with a far-right gang.

► Darren Tries to Help Luke Process His Diagnosis

Episode #5313 & #5314 (4th December 2019 & 5th December 2019)
Luke has been experiencing some distressing symptoms, and following a head injury has been referred for tests. The consultant suggests frontotemporal dementia, which Luke finds difficult to accept. Darren catches up with Luke in Chester to talk through the initial shock.


► The End of Breda

Episode #5336-5337 “Hollyoaks Later” (7th January 2020)

CW // Blood, Violence, Murder, Death

Breda was the self-appointed ‘bad dad’ slayer and considered herself to be doing God’s work for him. She had been holding Tony hostage at her pig farm for months whilst his family thought he had run away. As her family discovers this evil side to her, she shoots her son with a bolt gun and sets fire to Stone Mount Farm.

► Finally, It Has Happened to Scott

Episode #5360 (7th February 2020)
Scott’s can’t quite describe how he’s feeling – that finally it has happened to him – he’s in love with the man of his dreams. As he lies next to his man in bed, he dreams of showing off their relationship to friends and neighbours in the most eccentric and Scott-like way possible.

► Darren and Kyle Bond

Episode #5387 & #5388 (17th March 2020 & 18th March 2020)
Darren’s struggling with his mental health and is terrified of being alone with his thoughts, but is isolating himself from friends and family. When Kyle comes round to check on Darren, he instantly recognises the familiar signs of depression.

► Kyle Prevents Darren from Ending His Life

Episode #5402-5402A (14th April 2020)

CW // Suicide

Kyle has been supporting Darren through his depression, drawing from his own raw experiences. When he suspects Darren might be about to take things further, Kyle rushes to intervene.

► Kyle Takes His Own Life

Episode #5418 (9th June 2020)

CW // Suicide

Kyle has planned to end his life this evening, but first he wants to give his partner Nancy the best day ever.

► News of Kyle’s Suicide Reaches Nancy

Episode #5419 (15th June 2020)

CW // Suicide, Death

Kyle has been struggling with a mental health relapse for some time and has kept it mostly secret from his loved ones. Helping Darren through a tough patch has brought a lot of his own buried emotions back to the forefront of his mind, and self-medicating isn’t helping anymore. Kyle makes a plan to end his life and ensures he gives his family one last perfect day before he goes through with it, leaving Darren and the police to break the news to partner Nancy.

► Nancy Breaks Down at Work

Episode #5421 (22nd June 2020)
On the day that Nancy receives a delivery of items that were on Kyle when he took his own life, she tries her best to continue as normal and go to work. When she finds drugs in the school corridor, she is triggered by Kyle’s difficulties with substance abuse and blows up in front of the students.

► Darren and Nancy Support Each Other

Episode #5426 (7th July 2020)
It’s the day before Kyle’s funeral and Nancy is not coping well. Darren tries his best to help Nancy process her guilt over Kyle’s suicide. Whilst they chat, Darren opens up to Nancy about his own struggles with his mental health.

► Friends Rally Round to Support Nancy

Episode #5426 (7th July 2020)
Nancy’s friends have turned up to try and help her through her grief. Whilst Nancy doesn’t appreciate their support initially, she slowly comes around after Mandy takes a gamble.

► A Love Letter to Tom

Episode #5458 (22nd October 2020)
Tom thinks he and Yazz want different things in life, and that Yazz deserves somebody more exciting. Yazz is determined to prove otherwise and gets the whole village to read her love letter to Tom, to show just how much he is loved exactly the way he is. Tom’s made up by her efforts, and is surprised further when she gets down on one knee.

► Ste Returns to a Frosty Reception

Episode #5464 & #5465 (3rd November 2020 & 4th November 2020)

CW // Racism

Last year, Ste was groomed by a far-right gang who collectively terrorised the Maalik family (among others). When Ste was forced to leave the village, he always knew returning would be difficult. As Tom and Yasmine Maalik make their engagement official, Ste rocks up just in time to put a dampener on the happy moment. He attempts to clear the air with the Maalik family but knows that he isn’t entitled to their forgiveness, and is surprised to receive kindness from Yasmine.

► Sid’s Ketamine High Prevents Him from Avoiding an Accident

Episode #5470 (12th November 2020)

CW // Drugs

Sid’s just found out that the girl he loves slept with his mate and then hears some home truths from cousin Jordan. Unable to cope, Sid takes Ollie’s ketamine and finds himself in danger.

► Sid’s Leg Is Amputated

Episode #5471 (16th November 2020)
Following the accident where Sid’s leg was crushed by a car, he is told that amputation is the only way forward and has to face a heart-breaking new reality.


► Martine’s Monologue

Episode #5569 (15th April 2021)

CW // Racism

Martine (Kéllé Bryan) responds to the ‘Businesswoman of the Year’ interviewer’s e-mail about the unconscious racial bias she experiences daily.

► Darren and Nancy Reminisce

Episode #5610 (11th June 2021)
Nancy and Darren have a long and complicated history – they love each other immensely and are soulmates, but so much has hurt has come between them over the years – is it inevitably going to go wrong again? The two discuss their relationship and whether or not they could have a future together.

► Luke Discovers His Mum Has Passed Away

Episode #5627 (6th July 2021)

CW // Death

Luke’s mother Sue has recently tried to reconnect with him following the discovery that she is terminally ill. Luke returns home one day to discover that Sue has peacefully passed away, and gently says goodbye.

► Walter Lets Slip That Martine Has Cancer

Episode #5633 (14th July 2021)
Martine is trying her best to stay strong and fight cancer on her terms. When she has a dizzy spell in the village, she lets people believe she has a drinking problem instead of telling them the truth. Unfortunately her father Walter feels forced to tell Cindy about her cancer, taking away part of Martine’s power in the process.

► Martine Struggles to Cope with Hair Loss

Episode #5634 (15th July 2021)
As Martine’s hair continues to fall out as a result of her chemotherapy, Felix helps her make the decision to take control of the situation.

► Tony Confronts Diane About Her OCD

Episode #5649 (5th August 2021)
Diane has been struggling with OCD for some time and Tony is at his wit’s end. After a night out together, the lack of certainty Diane feels over how well she kept control whilst intoxicated leads to them having a proper discussion about how to proceed.

► Zara Learns of Luke’s Terminal Illness

Episode #5651 (9th August 2021)

CW // Death

Zara has recently returned to Hollyoaks following her mother Sue’s passing, and brother Luke has been keen to keep his terminal diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia from her in order to protect her. When Zara overhears Luke speaking about his fate to son Ollie, he has no choice but to break the news. Meanwhile, whilst organising Sue’s belongings, Cindy stumbles upon a mysterious letter.

► Sid Gets Support from Jonnie Peacock

Episode #5665 (27th August 2021)
Sid is really struggling to adapt to life as an amputee. Friend Imran has arranged for Sid to join an online support group where Paralympian Jonnie Peacock will be speaking. Sid is hesitant at first, but decides to give it a go.

► Tony Says Goodbye to The Hutch

Episode #5669 (2nd September 2021)
The Hutch is in debt and the bank won’t lend any more money – Tony has no choice but to close.

► Martine Saves Felix

Episode #5675-5675A (10th September 2021)
(Apologies for the few seconds of signal corruption at 2:14) Martine avoids a potential conflict by going for a sail on the lake. When Felix and DeMarcus join her, DeMarcus accidentally knocks Felix into the water, and Martine is left to save him.

► Martine Receives News About Her Cancer

Episode #5675-5675A (10th September 2021)
As Martine celebrates coming together with family and friends, she receives a call from the hospital to inform her that her tumour hasn’t shrunk enough and she needs to undergo a mastectomy.

► Cher Attempts to Take Her Own Life

Episode #5683 (22nd September 2021)

CW // Suicide

The traumatic events in Cher’s life are all coming to a head. Not knowing how to deal with it appropriately, Cher can only think of one way to make it all stop – by ending her life.

► Darren Gives Charlie “The Talk”

Episode #5688 (29th September 2021)
(Apologies for the video quality and lack of subtitles – this was broadcast in Channel 4’s Disaster Recovery Mode, hence the dodgy brightness and lack of accessibility) Darren and Nancy suspect Charlie and Ella are becoming close, so Nancy enlists Darren to give Charlie “the talk”.

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